How to Equip Existing Trains With Magnetic Levitation to Travel With Speeds of 550 kph (342 mph)

The Polish company Nevomo  is a European deep-tech company and the developer of the next generation of high-speed rails. As a leading player in the area of innovation in the sustainable and intelligent mobility industry, the company has developed the globally unique MagRail technology, allowing significant improvements in the efficiency of existing rail transportation systems. Nevomo proposes a phased implementation of transportation systems, inspired by the hyperloop concept, by upgrading railway lines. By equipping existing infrastructure with magnetic levitation and linear motor, the company intends to take railway transport to a whole new dimension of travel with speeds of up to 550 kph (342 mph).

Nevomo introduces MagRail technology to existing rail infrastructure, allowing its cost-effective upgrade, thus enabling rail to become the preferred green, fast, efficient, and interoperable mode of transport of the 21st century. MagRail allows gradual improvements to existing networks and is a major technological breakthrough allowing railways to finally significantly increase their market share and reduce CO2 emissions in transport. MagRail provides the possibility to operate electric vehicles in non-electrified areas, such as terminals and ports.

Nevomo has just signed a major deal with The French giant SNCF to transform the large network of the railways operator.