First Plane Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cell

ZeroAvia conducted a test flight of its Dornier 228 testbed hydrogen plane aircraft on last month, making aviation history with its successful completion of the low-emission flight test. The hydrogen plane took off from Cotswold Airport in the United Kingdom and flew for approximately 10 minutes in total. Although the right side engines relied on fossil fuel kerosene for their power, the left engines were powered by a combination of hydrogen fuel cells (50%) and batteries (50%).

The plane, a 19-seat Dornier 228, is the largest plane ZeroAvia has tested in the air to date. It is also the largest plane to fly that is partially powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. As such, this was not only a record flight for ZeroAvia, but for low-carbon aviation, and a significant step for zero-emission flight.

At a press conference announcing the results of the test flight, ZeroAvia founder and CEO, Val Miftakhov said,  “This is putting us straight on the path to commercial launches.