New Vaccine is Targeting All Coronaviruses

Army scientists working on a vaccine to target all coronaviruses, including mutations of the one causing COVID-19 and others that may emerge in the future, are finding data from early human trials promising and expect to publish the results by year-end.

Researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have been working since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic on a pan-coronavirus vaccine and are currently analyzing data from the Phase I clinical trial, which began in April with dozens of volunteers. They are following up with participants to monitor the safety and effectiveness of the new vaccine one month after each received their last dose.

Everything that we have been seeing from early stages of design of our vaccine and testing, in all different animal species, has really just been consistent and predictive of a very good response,” Kayvon Modjarrad, director of Walter Reed’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch, said in an interview. “Indications are that we are on that same pathway.”

The Walter Reed vaccine — called SpFN — may eventually be used by people who have already received other COVID-19 vaccines “as a bridge towards providing individuals continued, broad, long-term immunity for SARS-like viruses, whether they be variants that emerge in the future or new species of SARS viruses,” Modjarrad said.

The SpFN vaccine deploys a soccer ball-shaped protein that can target the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains on its different faces.


The Coronavirus Outbreak May Cease Spontaneously Soon

A French team in Marseille (France), led by the epidemiologist Professor Didier Raoult, reports that in the last 3 days the number of new patients cured for the COVID-19 at the local hospital has spontaneously fallen to 60/80 a day after a peak of 368 a few weeks ago. According to Professor Raoult, it is common when considering past viral respiratory outbreaks to record a seasonal behavior of the previous coronaviruses.

Professor Raoult says there is a good probability that the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) will follow the destiny of the Sars- Cov-1  that disappeared suddenly for ‘mysterious’ reasons’ in 2004.

If this scenario is confirmed, that is very good news not only for the death toll but also for the global economy.