Rapid Fat Burning when you Work Out After Drinking Coffee

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of fat burned in your next workout, think about having a coffee half an hour before you get started – as a new study suggests it can make a significant difference to fat burning, especially later on in the day. Researchers found that 3 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight – about half a single dose of caffeine, commonly held to be about 6 mg/kg – can boost the rate of fat burning during aerobic exercise, based on results gathered from 15 male volunteers.

The coffee dose was shown to increase maximal fat oxidation rate (MFO, a measure of how efficiently the body burns off fat) by an average of 10.7 percent in the morning and 29 percent in the afternoon. It adds to what we already know about MFO: that it’s lower in the morning than the afternoon, just like overall aerobic capacity.

The recommendation to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning to increase fat oxidation is commonplace,” says physiologist Francisco José Amaro-Gahete from the University of Granada in Spain.

However, this recommendation may be lacking a scientific basis, as it is unknown whether this increase is due to exercising in the morning or due to going without food for a longer period of time.”

The researchers were also keen to look in closer detail at the relationship between caffeine and exercise. The stimulant is often associated with improved athletic performance, though the science behind this link isn’t as comprehensive as it could be.

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/