Apple VR Headset to Enter Mass Production Next January

A new report claims Apple’s new AR/VR headset has its exclusive manufacturing partner locked in, with production to begin in Q1 of 2023.  Apple’s “extended reality” (XR) headset “will be exclusively assembled by Pegatron” according to Digitimes  and that production could begin as early as January.

It is widely touted that Apple will unveil a new mixed-reality headset offering both AR and VR experiences next year. Rumors indicate it could be a lightweight, premium headset made from lightweight materials including aluminum, fabric, and glass. It will also reportedly have iris scanning technology for biometric security and payments.


Other reported features include 14 cameras to track movements including two for your legs (take that Meta). Patents point to the possibility of hand controls.

According to The Information, Apple VR could cost as much as $3000, and feature not one but two 8K displays. A report recently stated Apple VR could weigh less than the Meta Quest Pro‘s 722 grams. Apple will likely be competing closely with Meta as a rival in the space. However, the two companies clearly have different visions for the future of AR and VR. Meta and Mark Zuckerberg have bet the farm on the metaverse, while Apple appears to disdain the concept and even the word itself.

Other details of Apple VR, such as the release date, and whether it will require some sort of “base” device such as one of Apple’s best iPhones or Macs, remain to be seen.


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