Product Found In Insect Repellent Could Kill Coronavirus

A product found in insect repellent can kill the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19, research by Britain’s defence laboratory has shown.  Britain’s armed forces were issued with an insect repellent that contains a product called Citriodiol because it was believed it might offer a new layer of protection against COVID-19.

Citriodiol is already known to kill other types of coronavirusDefence scientists subsequently conducted research to see whether it would provide a protective layer against COVID-19, with those results being released on Wednesday. The company that produces Citriodiol also believed it could offer protection against the novel coronavirus.

Jacqueline Watson, managing director of Citrefine International Ltd, said in April she would like the government to support a formal testing programme.

What we can say is that we do feel there is a very good chance it could work against this virus but it does of course need to be thoroughly tested,” she said at the time.

The mosquito spray is not a sufficient protection on its own and is used by the military as an added layer along with face masks, hand washing and other techniques to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


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