The Coronavirus Outbreak May Cease Spontaneously Soon

A French team in Marseille (France), led by the epidemiologist Professor Didier Raoult, reports that in the last 3 days the number of new patients cured for the COVID-19 at the local hospital has spontaneously fallen to 60/80 a day after a peak of 368 a few weeks ago. According to Professor Raoult, it is common when considering past viral respiratory outbreaks to record a seasonal behavior of the previous coronaviruses.

Professor Raoult says there is a good probability that the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) will follow the destiny of the Sars- Cov-1  that disappeared suddenly for ‘mysterious’ reasons’ in 2004.

If this scenario is confirmed, that is very good news not only for the death toll but also for the global economy.


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